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    Edward Vanhoutte

    De Sevillastraat 32
    b-2100 Berchem

    E: edward dot at edwardvanhoutte dot org
    Twitter: @evanhoutte


    WurzburgEdward Vanhoutte delivers a guest lecture at the Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg on 13 December 2012
    On Thursday 13 December 2012, Edward Vanhoutte delivers a guest lecture at the Lehrstuhl für Computerphilologie und Neuere Deutsche Literaturgeschichte of the Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg (Duitsland). The title of the guest lecture is 'Text and Image based Digital Humanities: providing access to textual heritage in Flanders'.

    TEI12Edward Vanhoutte delivers a guest lecture at the Department of Information Studies of University College London on 16 November 2012
    On Friday November, 16th 2012, Edward Vanhoutte introduces the students of the MA programme Library & Information Studies at the UCL Department of Information Studies to the use of TEI in Digital Humanities projects. A research associate of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, Edward is a frequent guest at UCL. Tweets about this lecture are welcomed on @evanhoutte.

    logo VUBEdward Vanhoutte delivers guest lecture at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) on 12 November 2012.
    On Monday, 12 November 2012 at 16.00, Edward Vanhoutte delivers a guest lecture entitled: 'Digital Humanities, het boek en de massa. Over het gebruik van de computer in de humane wetenschappen' at the Free University of Brussels (VUB):
    This lecture introduces the students to the exciting world of the Digital Humanities. The first part focuses on vijf essential themes which explain the success of the Digital Humanities in the Web 3.0 era: Infrastructure, Availability of data, Internal & external organisation of data, Analytical tools and Skills. The second part presents and discusses some exemplary DH projects. Multimedial techniques are used throughout this lecture. Tweets about this lecture are welcomed on @evanhoutte.

    Cover Leeuw van VlaenderenEdward Vanhoutte launches new text-critical edition of Hendrik Conscience's 'De Leeuw van Vlaenderen' on 13 October 2012.
    On 13 October 2012 at 14.00, the new and revised text-critical edition of Hendrik Conscience's De Leeuw van Vlaenderen is presented in the Letterenhuis (Minderbroedersstraat 22, Antwerpen). De Leeuw van Vlaenderen is the most famous 19th Dutch novel from the 19th century in Belgium. It was the first epic novel in Flanders and markts the beginning of modern Flemish literature. The novel gained immense popularity because it supported the use of Flemish as opposed to the minority language French in Belgium. De Leeuw meant the start of a glorious career for the jong author. Conscience (1812-1883) would enter history as 'the man who taught his people how to read'.
    Hendrik Conscience. De Leeuw van Vlaenderen of de Slag der Gulden Sporen. Uitgegeven en toegelicht door Edward Vanhoutte. Brussel/Antwerpen: ASP/Letterenhuis, 2012. (Letterenhuispublicaties 14). 512 pp. ISBN 978-90-5718-145-0. €29,95. Order via

    logo UGentEdward Vanhoutte delivers a lecture on the Doctoral Seminar 'Exploring Digital Humanities' at the University of Ghent on 10 October 2012.
    De Doctoral School or Arts, Humanities and Law of the University of Ghent organises a closed seminar with the theme Exploring Digital Humanities from 10 to 13 October 2012. Together with the international scholars Melissa Terras, Matthew Kirschenbaum and Stefan Gries, Edward Vanhoutte was invited to deliver a lecture entitled All publishing is digital: modes of publishing in the Digital Humanities. In this lecture, Edward Vanhoutte explores the different publishing options for young scholars in the Digital Humanities with a focus on Open Access.

    Claudia kookt met ThermomixEdward Vanhoutte hosts the book launch of Claudia kookt met Thermomix on 25 September 2012.
    Claudia Allemeersch and Jan Van Wassenhove launched their book Claudia kookt met Thermomix at the Breydel Factory in Gavere. Edward Vanhoutte created recipes for the book, wrote the recipes and edited the book. Edward also functioned as host to the book presentation.
    Claudia Allemeersch & Jan Van Wassenhove, Claudia kookt met Thermomix. Fotografie: Heikki Verdurme, Redactie: Edward Vanhoutte. Uitgeverij Van Wass & Hove, 2012. 200 pp. ISBN: 978-90-8197-500-1. €34,95. Order via

    De trein der traagheidEdward Vanhoutte and Ron Van den Branden launch the digital edition of Johan Daisne's 'De trein der traagheid' on 6 September 2012.
    The online edition of Johan Daisne's De trein der traagheid is a break-trough for digital textual scholarship in Flanders. This edition presents 20 versions of the text which can be consulted and analysed in combination with each other, from the first print proof in 1948 till the last publication during the author's life in 1977. Each version can be consulted on its own or in combination with any number of other versions. An aparatus variorum is generated for each combination of texts from a user defined perspective. The different versions of the text can be consulted both in parallel mode or in reading mode. Digital images of the draft and the manuscript are included. Users can generate their own printable PDF-version of any possible set of texts through the advanced export functions included in the digital edition. The edition also includes account of the editorial principles , a description of the history of the text, and a concise technical documentation. A manual guides the user through the wealth of functions included in the edition.
    To the edition

    cover Bert Decorte. Germinal.Edward Vanhoutte launches the documentary variorum edition of Bert Decorte's Germinal on 16 May (KANTL) and on 29 May (Roosdaal) 2012.
    Bert Decorte. Germinal. Documentaire varianteneditie door Femke Vandevelde en Edward Vanhoutte. Met essays van Elke Brems en Dirk De Geest en een voorwoord van Hubert Van Herreweghen. Gent: KANTL, 2012. (Literaire tekstedities en bibliografieën: 20). 2 vol. - 50 + 254 pp. - ill. ISBN: 978-90-72474-87-2. €35. [Order]

    logo vubEdward Vanhoutte delivers guest lecture at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) on 25 April 2012.
    On Wednesday 25 April 2012, Edward Vanhoutte delivers a guest lecture at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) entitled 'De toekomst is bezig. De Digital Humanities als interdisciplinair en multilinguaal antwoord op de crisis in de Humane Wetenschappen'.
    In this lecture, Edward Vanhoutte discusses the Digital Humanities from the perspective of the crisis in the Humanities. Vanhoutte claims that the Digital Humanties can provide an interdisciplinary and multilingual answer to this crisis.
    This lecture introduces the students to the basics of the Digital Humanities. The first part of the lecture discusses the scope of the Digital Humanities and provides a short overview of the history of the use of computational techniques in the humanities. The second part of the lecture presents some case studies of DH projects which illutrate the importance of the Digital Humanities.

    JadavpurEdward Vanhoutte presents a paper on the International Workshop on Electronic Editing in the School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University, Kolkata (India), 9 February 2012.
    On Thursday 9 February 2011, Edward Vanhoutte gives a paper entitled 'Being Practical. Electronic editions of Flemish literary texts in an international perspective' on the International Workshop on Electronic Editing at Jadavpur University in Kolkata. The workshop is organised with the support of the Indian government and brings a couple of international experts like Peter Shillingsburg, Paul Eggert, Susan Schreibman and Edward Vanhoutte to the Bichitra project which works towards the publication of the online variorim edition of the complete works of Rabindranath Tagore. In the days preceding the workshop, Edward consulted with the project and worked together with the project team to solve a couple of theoretical and practical problems.
    The text of the paper is published here.

    TEI11Edward Vanhoutte presents opening keynote to Philology in the Digital Age: 2011 Annual Conference and Members' Meeting of the TEI Consortium - 12 October 2011
    On Wednesday 12 October 2011, Edward Vanhoutte opens the 2011 Annual Conference and Members' Meeting of the TEI Consortium with the opening keynote lecture 'So You Think You Can Edit? The Masterchef Edition'. In this lecture, Edward combines both of his passions: electronic scholarly editing and food. In his lecture, he presents his vision on the future of digital philology and treats the audience to five tasty sensations.
    The text of the keynote is published here.

    cover Edward Vanhoutte wins the Anton van Wilderode Remembrance Prize 2011 - 28 juni 2011
    The Anton van Wilderode Remembrance Prize 2011 was awarded to Edward Vanhoutte for his edition of 'De moerbeitoppen ruischten', a documantary variorum edition. By courtesy of the family of the Anton van Wilderode, Hildegard Coupé presented nr. 23/125 van de kunstmap 'Brugge Brugge' from the Van Wilderode's archive to Edward. The publication, which was printed in 1992 on the handpress of Renaat Bosschaert, contains eight signed woodcarving-prints by Bosschaert with poems by Anton van Wilderode. The jury report praises the way in which Vanhoutte sketches a scharper and more nuanced image of the jong poet and the jury observes that Vanhoutte's research corrected many bio- and bibliographical misunderstandings or 'fables' which Van Wilderode himself sent into the worls. The jury concludes: 'With this critical and scholarly edition of De moerbeitoppen ruischten, Edward Vanhoutte gave a first and decisive boost to scholarly and archival research on the life and work of Anton van Wilderode. That's also why he deserves the Remembrance Prize Anton van Wildeode 2011.
    See the report (Dutch) on the website of Anton van Wilderode

    cover Knack Weekend.Knack Weekend 1-8 June 2011 (p. 68-69)
    Edward Vanhoutte publishes three chicken recipes: Chicken soup with chicken liver wonton, Hotpot of chicken stomachs, and Boiled egg? The inspiraton of the first two recipes, Edward got from his childhood, where the yearly family chicken campaign produced succulent dishes with chicken offal on the table. The dessert came to Edward in a dream and is meant as a culinary joke. Edward advises to drink Rodenbach 2008 limited edition vintage oak aged ale with the dishes. The dishes are photographed by Diane Hendrikx and Food journalist Pieter van Doveren wrote a portrait of Edward.
    Knack Weekend 1-8 June 2011 (p. 68-69)

    cover Anton van Wilderode. De moerbeitoppen ruischten.Anton van Wilderode. De moerbeitoppen ruischten. Documentaire varianteneditie met een kroniek van de genese door Edward Vanhoutte.
    This award winning scholarly edition publishes the original text of the first print edition of one of the most celebrated debuts of Flemish poetry in the twentieth century. The edition presents the original text, an apparatus of variants with genetic commentary, bibliographic descriptions of all extant source material and a richly documented reconstruction of the genetic history of De moerbeitoppen ruischten.
    This edition highlights a chronicle of the period 1937-1944, composed from the so far unknown early diaries of the author, drafts, letters and manuscritps; over 100 new and unpublished poems by Anton van Wilderode and a facsimile of the unique typescript Liederen voor December.
    The edition is accompanied by essays by Hugo Brems, Maarten De Pourcq and Carl De Strycker and the book is introduced by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council.
    Anton van Wilderode. De moerbeitoppen ruischten. Documentaire varianteneditie met een kroniek van de genese door Edward Vanhoutte. Met essays van Hugo Brems, Maarten De Pourcq en Carl De Strycker en een voorwoord van Herman Van Rompuy. Gent: KANTL, 2010. 784 pp. - ill. ISBN: ISBN 978-90-72474-82-7. €45. [Order]

    coverText and Genre in Reconstruction. Effects of Digitalization on Ideas, Behaviours, Products and Institutions. (ed. Willard McCarty)
    In this broad-reaching, multi-disciplinary collection, leading scholars investigate how the digital medium has altered the way we read and write text. In doing so, it challenges the very notion of scholarship as it has traditionally been imagined. Incorporating scientific, socio-historical, materialist and theoretical approaches, this rich body of work explores topics ranging from how computers have affected our relationship to language, whether the book has become an obsolete object, the nature of online journalism, and the psychology of authorship. The essays offer a significant contribution to the growing debate on how digitization is shaping our collective identity, for better or worse.
    Text and Genre in Reconstruction will appeal to scholars in both the humanities and sciences and provides essential reading for anyone interested in the changing relationship between reader and text in the digital age.
    Chapter 5: 'Defining Electronic Editions: A Historical and Functional Perspective' by Edward Vanhoutte.
    Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2010, p. 119-144. ISBN: 978-1-906924-25-6 (hardback), 978-1-906924-24-9 (paperback), 978-1-906924-26-3 (electronic).

    Voor bkSM, Edward translated and edited 30 recipes of French 3 star chef Michel Troisgros accompanying paintings by Mitja Tušek.
    M.T. | artist: Mitja Tušek, Michel Troisgros | auteur: Luk Lambrecht, Éric de Chassey | curator: Luk Lambrecht, Koen Leemans | editor: Mieke Mels, Edward Vanhoutte | art - exhibition catalogue - institution cahier | bkSM: Strombeek, Mechelen, 2010, ISBN: 9789077193280 | € 15. | English and Dutch version available.

    Guest leccture University College London, 6 November 2009
    Edward delivered a guest lecture entitled What is TEI all about? Text Encoding and Markup for the Humanities at the Department of Information Studies of University College London.

    Kook Ze! Fris
    The fourth volume of this independent Cookazine announces the summer with a fresh perspective on culinarities. 66 pages full of texts, features and pictures by the best foodwriters and photographers and 40 pages cookery book with 34 recipes. Edward Vanhoutte created four fresh dishes especially for this volume of Kook Ze! and presented them to the camera of Tony Le Duc: Green herb salad with quail filets, Steak tartar with sumak, Tiger prawn, lemon gras and Spanish pepper in the wok, and Lime sgroppino.
    165 x 215 mm | 176 pp. | + 100 ill. | hardback with scented ink | inside with two types of paper | ISBN 978-94-90028-10-7 | winkelprijs: € 24,50. [Order].

    Digital Scholarly Editions Spring School - 13-17 April 2009 - National University of Ireland, Galway
    During the first Digital Scholarly Editing Spring School in Ireland, Edward Vanhoutte runs a masterclass on Editing Correspondence on Thursday afternoon and he delivers the Morning Lecture entitled Theories and Technologies of Digital Scholarly Editing on the Friday Morning.

    Leven in de Brouwerij - 30 maart 2009 - Grimbergen
    On March 30th 2009, Vlaanderen Lekker Land launched the central theme Leven in de Brouwerij which wants to put the touristic experience around beer in Flanders in the spotlight. 200 invited professionals from the specialised press, the hotel and restaurant business and the national and provincial touristic agencies enjoyed a press conference, a beer quiz, a beer-tasting workshop and cooking demonstrations by the beerrchefs Tom De Four (Heeren van Liedekercke) and Maarten Pauwels (Brasserie Brouwershof). Edward Vanhoutte hosted the cooking demonstration and ran the kitchen. Vlaanderen Lekker Land is an initiative of vzw Tafelen in Vlaanderen which provides a communal platform to Federatie Ho.Re.Ca. Vlaanderen and the five Flemish provincial touristic agencies.

    Text Editing, Print and the Digital World (ed. Marilyn Deegan & Kathryn Sutherland)
    "Traditional critical editing, defined by the paper and print limitations of the book, is now considered by many to be inadequate for the expression and interpretation of complex works of literature. At the same time, digital developments are permitting us to extend the range of text objects we can reproduce and investigate critically - not just books, but newspapers, draft manuscripts and inscriptions on stone. This important book brings together leading textual critics, scholarly editors, technical specialists and publishers to discuss whether and how existing paradigms for developing and using critical editions are changing to reflect the increased commitment to and assumed significance of digital tools and methodologies."
    Chapter 6: Every Reader his own Bibliographer - An Absurdity? by Edward Vanhoutte
    Ashgate - 224 pp. - ISBN: 978-0-7546-7307-1 (hardback)

    Flemish Foodies
    Flemish Foodies was launched on January 4th. Olly Ceulenaere, Jason Blanckaert and Kobe Desramaults, three young Flemish topchefs, share a weekly recipe photographed by food photographer Piet De Kersgieter and written by Edward Vanhoutte and Jasmine Verspeet.

    Guest Lecture University College London, 5 December 2008
    Edward was invited to deliver a guest lecture entitled Encoding texts for humanities research: History, method, and tools. at the Department of Information Studies, University College London. [Slides]

    De passie van vijf hobbykoks
    Five amateur cooks present the art of cooking and unveil their favourite food themes with 7 delicious dishes. One of them is Edward Vanhoutte. In a sublime and colourful chapter on the molecular cooking he shakes the molecules and creates some delicious and surprising combinations. Top photographer Bart Van Leuven pictures Edward in his favourite biotope and culinary journalist Willem Asaert wrote a portrait
    author: Willem Asaert - photography: Bart Van Leuven
    Stichting kunstboek, 2008 - 29 x 24 cm - 128 p. - 120 illustrations - isbn 978-90-5856-260-9 - 39.00 EUR [Dutch and French editions]. Order.

    Herman Roelstraete. Thematische catalogus van het werk
    Herman Roelstraete (1925-1985) was a singer, organ player, music pedagogue, conductor, composer, and musicologist. He composed more than 160 works, from simple songs and folk song adaptations to large choral works and symphonies. This thematic catalogue gives a complete and systematic overview of Roelstraete's oeuvre (176 opusnumbers) in one definitive edition.
    auteurs: Inge Nevejans & Edward Vanhoutte
    Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 2008. 122 + 672 pp., ill. isbn 90-6637-144-4 - 25.00 EUR. Order